Corporate Social Responsibility

The Community

Waqf-E-Kuli Khan was established as a registered society in 1971 by the (Late) Lt.General (R) M Habibullah Khan Khattak, Chairman, Bibojee Group of Companies in memory of his late father Khan Bahadur Kuli Khan. The main objective of Waqf is the promotion of education by extending financial assistance to the poor and deserving students of the country.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to also support the development of the communities in which we operate. We ensure that as our Group businesses grow, the communities around us also grow.

Our Approach

Our approach towards corporate social responsibility is based on six key initiatives:

• Community:

Building healthy and vibrant communities lend impetus to business sustainability. Our business practices, therefore, incorporate strategies for supporting the development of the communities that surround us.

• Environment:

We believe in protecting the environment and conserving resources through proper management of emissions, energy, water and fuel across all business operations.

• Governance and Ethical Practices:

We believe in maintaining and improving ethical standards and practices, including public disclosures, good corporate governance and efficient risk management strategies.

• Employees:

We believe in providing a work environment that is fair and meets the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

• Customers:

We believe in high standards of customer satisfaction, responsible marketing and socially responsible investments including in our products and services.

• Shareholders/Investors:

We practice communicating the requisite information on time and maintaining transparency with our shareholders and investors. Initiatives taking place in these various areas form an integral part of our wider commitment to building a better society through corporate citizenship, good governance practices, improved sustainability, better risk management and doing business to the highest ethical standards.

Our Contributions

As one of the larger business conglomerates of the Country, we acknowledge our responsibility towards the communities that we operate in and which are impacted through our work. We recognize that we have a unique and important role to play in promoting sustainable growth and making a positive impact on the local economies. Under its community building initiative, Bibojee Group runs sponsorship programs through NGOs, charitable organizations and welfare institutions.

The Work Place

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our workforce. This is more than a statement - it is a mindset that governs our actions and decisions. Bibojee Group has made a commitment to transform its businesses for the benefit of future generations. Fulfilling this promise requires the highest standards of leadership in all aspects of our business, especially health and safety. Our ultimate goal is to run an accident and injury free operation.

The Environment

BCM has planned for installing an Energy Recovery System on its power generation facility to reduce the energy loss as well as reduction in carbon emission in the environment.

The Customers

Our responsibility towards our customers is to understand and address their requirements - whether at the retail channel level or the end-user level. We ensure clear communication of information on our products and their safe and effective storage, transportation and usage.